Nightclubs in Oslo and Stavanger

If you are looking for a trendy and cool nightclub in Oslo or Stavanger, go to Bar Social Eating.

Here, professional bartenders will provide you with adventurous cocktails mixed with love in pleasant modern premises. Bar Social Eating is mostly about sharing the fun with one another, whether it is food or drink. At our nightclub in Oslo and Stavanger we have chosen to prioritize high quality drinks, and this is why many of our customers return weekend after weekend.

If you are a group of people planning a trip to a nightclub in Oslo or Stavanger, we recommend that you visit our restaurant first. The concept of Social Eating is about sharing and when you sit at the table, our waiters come with a variety of snacks you can enjoy together. Naturally, we only use the very best ingredients and our experienced and innovative chefs make sure you get exciting and delicious food from all corners of the world. After dinner, it's time for the nightclub. Whether you are in Oslo or Stavanger, we serve exotic drinks and great dance music.

Are you planning to hold a company party, an anniversary or another festive occasion? We have venues and premises with staff available for rent.
Please contact us today if you have questions regarding renting a nightclub in Oslo or Stavanger.