Planning your next Christmas party?

Are you planning a Christmas party and haven't found any suitable venues for the event?

The Christmas party can be one of the really great highlights of the year for many people. It goes without saying that the choice of party venues is important in order for it to be successful.

Bar Social Eating has extensive experience in organizing events and larger parties. When choosing one of our restaurants for your next party, we can assure you that we are doing what it takes to make this year's Christmas party a memorable experience for all guests.

Whether you choose BAR Vulkan in Oslo, BAR Stavanger or BAR Tjuvholmen, our prominent chefs will give you delicious Christmas food, good beer and impeccable service. Our goal is that your Christmas table will be an unforgettable experience both socially and in terms of food and drink.

If you have special requests or questions about hosting a Christmas party, please call the restaurant. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and requirements

All of our restaurants have well-stocked bars with experienced bartenders ready to make refreshing and delicious cocktails for you when the Christmas beer gets too dark and heavy to drink. We are highly experienced in arranging events, both large and small, so do not hesitate to contact us when booking event venues for this year's Christmas party.

If you want a slightly different Christmas party in special premises, Bar Social Eating is the right choice. We are ready to celebrate this year's party. All you need to do is to bring your party mood, and we'll take care of the rest.