Are you in Stavanger and looking for a restaurant that has an extra focus on providing quality, whether it be wine, food, cocktails or service?

Restaurant Vågen is part of our concept that we call Bar Social Eating. As the name suggests, it's not just about culinary taste experiences, but about the social aspect of sharing.

Several of our dishes are made so you all get to taste several different things, instead of each one ordering a dish each. The extra "sharing" aspect at Restaurant Vågen has led to a rapidly growth in popularity in all age groups. Our chefs have taken inspiration from all over the world when composing the menu and they always come up with some exciting and innovative dishes based on high quality ingredients.

In addition to Restaurant Vågen, we have a cocktail bar on the ground floor with experienced bartenders who makes sure to mix up delicious drinks after dinner. The cocktail bar can also be rented out to anniversaries, company parties and other events.

Want to book a table or see our menus for food and drinks?
We have online reservations and our menus can easily be downloaded from our website. You can also call the restaurant on +47 51 52 33 99.