Social gathering After Work

How people define the term After-Work may differ from whom you ask. For us who work at Bar Social Eating in Stavanger and Oslo After-Work means adventurous drinks and delicious food.

For us it is all about being social with each other and therefore we serve small dishes that are easily shared between everyone. Our top-notch chefs draw inspiration from all corners of the globe and make sure you and your colleagues try out new and exciting flavours. It is of course dished with fish, meat, vegetarian and sweets, so anyone with a little rumble in the stomach can look forward to amazing tasty sensations.

An After-Work social gathering may be one of the best possible ways to end a tough work week for many. We provide the perfect framework no matter how big or small the company is.

If you want to look more closely at the menus for our various restaurants, they can easily be downloaded by clicking on the link to the desired restaurant. You can also book a table in advance and check out our galleries.

Should you desire a more private after-work gathering in a separate room or rent an entire event venue, contact our restaurants for more information. We can also organize other events such as company parties, summer parties, Christmas parties or other large gatherings.

If you have any special requests or concerns, we need to know about? Contact the relevant restaurant and we will do our very best to accommodate all your needs. Our goal is to provide optimal conditions for a pleasant after-work.

You will find our restaurants in Oslo (Tjuvholmen /Vulkan) and Stavanger!